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About The School

This is the first fully English Medium school of the town Karera founded by R. C. Bajpai with the name of Sita Central Convent School. This was school established in 2nd August 1992. The school has over 25 years of history as a part of a local community.

We pride ourselves as having a happy, hardworking, family atmosphere, supportive parents, and professional and experienced staff, and the highest expectations. Children are encouraged to treat others with respect and to value the skills and talents of all.

We believe we are an excellent school in karera. Our most recent feedback described us as a good school, with pupils making good progress in all parts of the school.

Parents play a very valuable part in the life of the school and the success of the children. We aim to build on what parents have achieved at home and to act as supportive partners to produce happy and successful children. After reading through this document and having visited the school, we trust that you will choose Sita Central Convent School for the future education and development of your child.

Good Discipline

We wish our school to be a happy, caring and well-ordered community and so a high standard of behaviour is expected. We aim to maintain this standard by being consistent in our expectations, setting a good example to the children, encouraging them to develop an awareness of others and teaching them to exercise self control.

We have a number of school rules of which children will be reminded of from time to time. These are designed to ensure a safe and orderly school environment. If a child's behaviour is continuously spoiling the happy school atmosphere and is a cause for concern, the parent/carer will be invited to discuss the situation, from which a joint action plan will be developed to help improve the behaviour.


We believe communication between school and parents is extremely important. To aid this we have a school website which is updated weekly. www.sitacentralschool.com. Every Friday a newsletter is sent out to parents, which has important information for parents on it. We also have parent workshops, which explain how best to support your child in areas such as reading and Maths. We have regular parent consultations. As a school we seek parents’ views on a range of issues and carry out an annual questionnaire, which informs our school improvement plan.

Mission and Aims


Our purpose is to promote the full development of all pupils by providing a secure, professional and caring environment in which each pupil is encouraged to reach his or her individual potential and is prepared for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. These goals are to be achieved in the context of healthy & progressive environment.

At Sita Central Convent School we see our mission as educating the whole child. We believe in the importance of developing the child's spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness as well as their academic abilities.


• To enable all children to reach their individual potential in all aspects of the school's curriculum, and in particular in acquiring effective skills in Literacy and Numeracy.
• To develop a love of learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout their life.
• To encourage the children to develop emotionally through the pastoral care of all staff.
• To help the children to learn to live together in a community and to show sensitivity to the differences between one another.
• To encourage each child to care for and respect other children and adults in the school.
• To encourage the children to become responsible, independent people, who are confident, to help them make a positive contribution to the local community and to be aware of the wider issues of national and international events.

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