Admission Programmes

1. Monthly Test in last week of every month.

2. Parents teacher's meeting after every test.

3. The all round development activities are conducts during morning assembly.

4. The total strength of the students is classified in four houses.

5. House meeting is conducted after school.

6. Inspection by school director at least twice in a month.

7. Inspection by pricipal/ head regarding to cleanliness like nail,teeth, uniform and so on.

8. Scrap work, S.U.P.W. And magic tricks are also displayed as per needs of the students.

9. On the foundation day (2nd august) prizes are given away to the students for their best performance during the academic year.

10. On 14 november children day is organized with great pomp & show in the school campus.

11. On 5th september students perform the role of the teacher's on teachers day organized by school cultural committee.

12. Annual function will be held every year.